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Emily Ratajkowski donned a revealing monokini and animal print coat for the Love Magazine’s advent calendar. Dancing gracefully for the camera, the 25 year old actress and model showed off her moves for the camera to the tune of “Push It” by Salt ‘N Pepa while staring sexily.

Emily admits in a recent interview that she probably wouldn’t have gotten anywhere if it wasn’t for her looks. “I don’t think my career would’ve happened if it wasn’t for the way I look.” She stated in Austrailia’s Oyster Magazine. She also went on to state how she believes your image has a great affect on your modeling career.

Her extremely revealing attire that showed off parts of her breasts left little to the imagination as she worked her body. Known for posting sexy selfies on Instagram, she exciting all 9.6 of her followers with pictures from the experience, not to mention images from FansShare which are very impressive indeed. The beautiful model became known after dancing in Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines video with got plenty of attention.

Despite not being afraid to show her body off, last week Emily opened fire on photographer Jonathan Leder for publishing previously unseen nude photos of her. She tried to ignore the photos not wanting to give Jonathan any publicity or attention but was soon at the end of her rope. Tweeting about how the photos published give the opposite message of what she stands for, which is women being able to choose to show off their sexuality, she made known her disapproval. The 25 year old then asked for people to find out the facts instead of assuming and speculating.

Jennifer Aniston overcomes embarrassment

Jennifer Aniston recently had an embarrassing moment at the premiere of her new movie Office Christmas Party in New York City. The actress wore a black Celine coat over a sultry black jumpsuit at the premiere and had neglected to remove the tags on the coat sleeve.

Not really embarrassed by the situation, she was all too happy to explain on the Jimmy Kimmel show what had happened. The actress set the record straight and explained how the jacket was a gift from the people in charge of the commercial she had just filmed. After taking it home she went on to wear it a few more times before finally realizing her blunder.

Celebrities often have the privilege of receiving clothing and other gifts and accessories in the hopes that they get their designers more coverage in the press. Aniston was no different and had simply made a mistake. Kimmel wasn’t buying it and joked that she stole the coat which the 47 year old denied.

The actress was also on Chelsea Handler’s Netflix series talking about her husband Justin Theroux and how he’s shooting and traveling abroad constantly. Initially saddened by his absence, she expressed her excitement in finally being able to spend her first Thanksgiving together with him after being surprised by him walking in the room with a turkey. Her new movie Office Christmas Party is currently playing in theaters.

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