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This website is designed to tell you more about the 

Bouvier des Flandres in general, and Carasline Bouviers in particular.

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This page was last updated on 09-May-2004

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I have owned large breed dogs (Dobermann and Great Danes) for nearly 20 years. but was given my first Bouvier , Rosie, only 8 years ago when she needed to be re-homed at 6 months. When we were next considering a new puppy we found that only a Bouvie would do. Cara was bought as a "companion" (what is wrong with "pet"?) but under the guidance of her enthusiastic breeders I began showing and have had great fun in the last 2 ˝ years. Cara (Avice Classy Claire ) has done very well for me… two beginners together we have both had to learn……grooming , show technique and even how to cope with what could be described as gamesmanship! We have decided to breed from Cara as I would like to show one of my own "line" and at a more basic level I think Cara is a lovely dog to live with and want to keep her genes running on. We (Rosie, Cara and I) have enjoyed so much time together, walking the woods and moors as well as travelling and showing that I am confident that her line will be a good addition to the canine community. "CARASLINE" is the result of a carefully chosen mating with a "Trapwood" dog: the same kennel from which her sire came.



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